n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - Teachers supporting teachers with online discussion groups

Volume 01, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


The DoE announced in 2005 that the Further Education and Training (FET) National Curriculum Statement would be introduced in Grade 10 in 2006. As the year progressed many teachers tried to access information and seek support for their preparations to implement the new curriculum in the coming year. I was also trying to support a group of teachers leading up to the 2006 implementation of a new advanced mathematics course in South Africa, Advanced Programme (AP) Mathematics. As a result of there being almost 90 teachers on my communication list, my Internet service provider was frequently expressing concern that I was sending out spam. In addition, the teachers with whom I was communicating could not communicate with each other. It was time for an online community of practice not an information conduit of one.

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