n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - Classroom Performance Systems

Volume 01, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are abundant in contemporary society and permeate almost all forms of human interaction. The significant impact ICTs have had upon the teaching and learning of Mathematics is, for the most part, clearly recognizable.Software packages such as Sketchpad, Autograph, Excel, PowerPoint and various Emulators (e.g. Casio fx-82ES Calculator) together with interactive whiteboards and resources in the form of flash video all embrace the 21st-century classroom model and have more than eclipsed the visual impact that the good old OHP (overhead projector) once had. However, as the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (2009) white paper on 21st Century Learning Environments states "...putting technology in place is just the starting point; like any tool, its effectiveness depends on the user's skill in handling it, and on the conditions in which it is employed. Technology can only make a difference when students, teachers, and administrators are provided the necessary supports to effectively integrate it into their daily routines" (p. 16).

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