n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - Dynamic geometry software-based dissection-motion-operations : a visual medium for proof and proving

Volume 01, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


This article introduces Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS)-based Dissection-Motion-Operations (DMO) as a developmental environment for visual and spatial reasoning and problem solving. That is, within the scope of proof and proving, visual reasoning is the focus here where two operations were utilized. One operation is known as Dissection (Decomposition) operation that operates on a given object (region in 2D or 3D) to dissect it into a number of sub-regions (pieces). The second operation is known as Motion (Composition) operation that operates on the resultant sub-regions (pieces) to form, as the user wishes, an area-equivalent new object (shape) in 2D or a volume-equivalent new object in 3D. The combination of these two operations is called Dissection-Motion-Operation (Decomposition-Composition-Operation). DMO will be used to abbreviate Dissection-Motion-Operation throughout while DGS will be used to abbreviate Dynamic Geometry Software. Two examples, one in 2D and the other in 3D, are introduced to demonstrate the DGS-based DMO medium.

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