n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - Towards a generalized maths assignment rubric

Volume 2004, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


While the need for rubrics, and the advantages they can give, is becoming clearer to us all now, it is still a difficult task to develop a rubric that works as planned and that rewards the things we see as important. Moreover, one seems to have to rethink the issue so often, according to the assignment one has set. What we really need is a general rubric that would be applicable for almost any assignment, whether it be homework, a tutorial, or a project, and what is presented on the next page is a first draft of something that might work. What I am hoping for is that several educators will try it out and then give feedback on which aspects of it worked for them and which need to be altered, or even what new aspects need to be brought in.

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