n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - Getting the most out of your keyboard a compilation of tips from various people

Volume 2008, Issue 6
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


Everything that can be done with a mouse can be done by keystrokes. In Excel, for instance, one very often wants to Paste Values rather than simply copy cells: Ctrl-V does the full copy, which carries over formulae, formatting and everything, but if you want merely to copy the results of the formulae then the standard approach is to highlight your cells, type Ctrl-C, go to the destination, then use the mouse to click Edit / Paste Special / Values. But for this last stage you could simply have typed Alt-E S V (so you press the E while you are pressing Alt). This can save a lot of time since it means you do not have to reach for the mouse and then manoeuvre it.

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