n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - Defensive teaching in mathematics

Volume 2010, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


First-time hikers know how important it is to have an experienced hiker lead the way. The experienced hiker is aware of the pitfalls, the snags and hazards along the path and knows how to avoid them. The novice hiker can safely follow the experienced hiker with the assurance that he would arrive at his destination safely. In a similar way, the defensive teacher operates like the experienced hiker in skillfully leading the student to his destination. Defensive education is not just about providing information to students. It anticipates possible misconceptions and errors and attempts to avoid them before they actually occur. Like any other teaching methodology it has its advantages and disadvantages. Some believe that it deprives students of the challenging and intense intellectual experience that comes with an informal relationship (Furedi, 2006).

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