n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - The influence of emotion, confidence, experience and practice on the learning process in mathematics

Volume 2010, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


A few years ago while I was teaching a grade 12 mathematics class I discovered that one of the girl learners, (Shahieda) had major difficulties in learning mathematics. While teaching the class I would do some examples of a topic on the board and then request that the learners attempt one or more similar problems on their own. While the learners were attempting the problems I would walk around in the class and invariably I found that Shahieda was struggling. I would then sit next to her and point out the mistakes in her solution and then proceed to correct her argument. Subsequently I would request the class to attempt another problem of the same kind. Shahieda would then provide the correct solution to this follow-up problem. Satisfied that she was now cognizant of the requirements of such problems I would proceed to the next topic.

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