n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - Nurturing curiosity and creativity through mathematical exploration

Volume 2013, Issue 14
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


Investigations afford a wonderful opportunity for learners to explore a diverse array of mathematical ideas in a meaningful and engaging manner. Not only do investigations often lead to unexpected or serendipitous moments of mathematical discovery, but they also provide an opportunity to nurture curiosity and creativity, both of which are important components of a healthy mathematical disposition.

The investigation discussed in this article was presented to a group of secondary school teachers in the context of a teacher enrichment workshop. Teachers worked in groups of three or four and were tasked with generating as many different solutions as they could to the posed problem. The number and variety of solution strategies arising from what at first seemed like a simple starting point surprised many of the participants. In this article I synthesize the different solution methods that were generated in the workshop along with one or two additional solutions.

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