n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - ANAs : possibilities and constraints for mathematical learning

Volume 2013, Issue 14
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


The introduction of the Annual National Assessments (ANAs) began in 2011. The ANA was explicitly focused on providing system-wide information on learner performance for both formative purposes, such as providing class teachers with information on what learners were able to do, as well as summative purposes, such as providing progress information to parents and allowing for comparisons between schools, districts and provinces (Department of Basic Education (DBE), 2011). The ANAs were written by all government school learners in Grades 1-6 as well as Grade 9 in September 2012. The ANAs focused on Literacy and Numeracy in the Foundation Phase, and Language and Mathematics in the Intermediate Phase. The 2012 national report of the ANAs (DBE, 2012) is available for downloading at http://www.education.gov.za.

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