n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - Off on a tangent

Volume 2014, Issue 16
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


The process of drawing a tangent to a circle seems like a simple enough procedure. If we wanted to draw a tangent to a specific point on the circumference of a circle all we would need to do is place a straight edge against the specified point and then gradually rotate the straight edge until our visual acuity judged it to be tangential. We could then draw the desired tangent. If the situation was somewhat different and we were required to draw a tangent to a circle from a specified point outside the circle, we could similarly rely on our visual judgement. This time we would need to place our straight edge against the external point and then gradually manoeuvre the straight edge towards the circle, getting things close as best we could with our eyesight. We could then draw the desired tangent.

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