n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - From the Editors

Volume 2014, Issue 16
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


LTM16 begins with an article by Tom Penlington who presents a variety of ideas and classroom strategies for developing multiplicative reasoning and understanding. In the second article in this issue, Dorit Patkin and Ilana Levenberg present a visually striking and hands-on approach to finding the sum of the interior angles of convex polygons. The third article, by Amur Singh, explores a fascinating number link between Euler's formula and the golden ratio, while in the fourth article Donald Flint considers the distinction between drawing and constructing tangents. Marcus Bizony then presents a quick method for finding rational approximations to square roots, while in the sixth article Duncan Samson and Peter Breetzke delve into the beauty and intrigue of cyclic numbers.

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