n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - From the Editors

Volume 2015, Issue 18
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


LTM 18 begins with a delightful article by James Metz who investigates what arrangement of three small, circular coffee filters would cover the largest circular area. In the second article in this issue, Poobhalan Pillay explores triangles that have one angle twice another. The third article, by Duncan Samson and Simon Kroon, explores three different visually engaging methods of carrying out long multiplication, while in the fourth article Marcus Bizony expands on Alan Christison's article on average gradients in LTM 17. Andrew Maffessanti and Duncan Samson then investigate the relationship between the angle subtended by a chord and the chord length, while in the sixth article Michael de Villiers explores Varignon's theorem and slays a geometrical 'monster'.

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