n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - The complexity of teaching division

Volume 2015, Issue 19
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


In my experience in working with teachers, division (along with the division algorithm) is often considered the most difficult of the four basic operations for learners to master conceptually. The traditional division algorithm is an abstract procedure that does not reflect the way most learners think. Long division is challenging, and as the process involves multiple steps it makes several demands on the learner. If we consider the various skills needed in order to master the process of long division, we would need to include, amongst others, (i) an understanding that the computation begins from the left as opposed to the right, (ii) multiples of numbers and the multiplication tables, (iii) estimation skills to assess the reasonableness of numbers calculated, (iv) sequencing skills, (v) subtraction, and (vi) carefully structured organisation of the written calculation.

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