n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - From the Editors

Volume 2015, Issue 19
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


In the first article of LTM 19, Mellony Graven and Debbie Stott share their experiences of enthusing mathematical passion through organising Family Maths Events. In the second article in this issue, Tom Penlington discusses a variety of numerical strategies that could be useful when engaging with division in the classroom. The third article, by Ronit Bassan-Cincinatus and Dorit Patkin, outlines a sequence of activities aimed at developing conceptual understanding of the lowest common denominator, while in the fourth article Duncan Samson reflects on the value of geometric contexts that allow for explorative and flexible approaches. Alan Christison and Tim Mills then explore a specific method of solving linear simultaneous equations, while in the sixth article Moses Makobe presents an alternative formula for determining the least squares line of best fit.

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