n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - Camouflaged Functions

Volume 2016, Issue 21
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


As part of the South African school Mathematics syllabus, pupils are exposed to a number of different functions and their graphical representations. Pupils generally become fairly adept at identifying what type of graph a given function represents when the function is given in one of its standard, and hence familiar, forms. However, when the function is presented in a non-standard form pupils often struggle trying to make sense of the function.

As part of a 3-day Matric revision camp at the start of our final term I presented a session entitled "Hidden Functions & Other Camouflage". My intention in the session was to motivate pupils to think more laterally and more flexibly when engaging with functions and their graphs, particularly in relation to functions given in non-standard formats. In this article I share some of the ideas we explored.

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