n Learning and Teaching Mathematics - Mathematics competitions - year-based problems

Volume 2016, Issue 21
  • ISSN : 1990-6811


Local and international mathematics Olympiads and Competitions often make use of problems that incorporate the year of the competition. I have used problems of this nature in the training of pupils to compete in the International Mathematics Competition (IMC), and have also devised and submitted a number of original questions to the IMC committee for possible inclusion in the competition itself. Problems for elementary level, i.e. primary school pupils who are 13 years or younger at the date of competition, must avoid high level mathematics, and should rather be based on the application of logic and general mathematical principles. This article looks at a number of problems I submitted to the 2015 IMC held in China, and comments on their adaptability for future years. The reader is encouraged to attempt these problems and use them in the classroom, with suitable adaptation as desired.

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