oa Agroanimalia - The nitrogen fractions and the heat stability of bovine milk

Volume 1, Issue 3-4
  • ISSN : 0302-7104



The total protein nitrogen, non-casein nitrogen, casein nitrogen, total albumin nitrogen, ?-lactoglobulin nitrogen, residual albumin nitrogen, non-protein nitrogen, proteose peptone nitrogen and globulin nitrogen contents were determined in herd milk and in milk from individual cows from two breeds. The concentration of each fraction of each group was correlated with the corresponding heat stabilities. A significant positive correlation was found only in the case of the non-protein nitrogen fraction and heat stability of two of the groups. The feeding of urea to cows did not influence the heat stability of their milk. to fresh herd milk led to an increase in the heat stability confirming the role of the non-protein nitrogen fraction.

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