oa Agroanimalia - Studies on the rumen metabolism of sheep fed freshly frozen luoerne or grazing luccrne pastures. 1. Effect of carbohydrate supplementation on the pH of the rumen fluid

Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0302-7104



Freshly cut lucerne, stored at -15�C was fed to six ruminally fistulated sheep in metabolism cages. Three sheep received a carbohydrate supplement in the form of maize. One experiment using the same sheep was conducted on lucerne grazings. Rumen fluid samples were taken at 2-hourly intervals for periods of 26 hours and the pH determined. A distinctive pH pattern for the rumen fluid was established which clearly showed an increase in acidity for the first four hours after the sheep had ingested food. Within the next four hours the rumen fluid became more alkaline again reaching the pre-feeding value.

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