oa Agroanimalia - Verskille in doeltreffendheid van voerverbruik by lammers van drie verskillende skaaprasse. 3. Invloed van ras en voedingspeil op doeltreffendheid van energieverbruik

Volume 8, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0302-7104



Altogether 120 lambs of three widely different breeds of sheep, namely a fat-tailed type, known as the Pedi, a wool-producing breed, namely the Merino and a fast-growing dual-purpose breed, namely the S.A. Mutton Merino, were used in a comparative slaughter experiment to determine the influence of breed and feeding level on gross efficiency of energy utilization, feed conversion, digestibility and metabolizability of a specific diet. The lambs were hand-rearedfrom two days of age to eliminate differences in feeding level as a possible source of error.

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