oa Annals of the Natal Museum - New Orgeriine Dictyopharidae from South Africa (Homoptera)

Volume 15, Issue 18
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



Only four genera have hitherto been recognized as representing the Orgeriinae in South Africa, these being Risius Stål, Capena Stål, Strongylodemas Stål and Capenopsis Melichar. To these, four new genera are added in this report. The number of specimens from which our knowledge of this fauna has been derived is very low, but a fair series of two species in one of the new genera descriptionbed below, taken by B. R. and P. J. Stuckenberg in the Drakensberg Mountains, encourages the hope that further intensive collecting will add to the present meagre total. The material is of great interest on account of the diversity of its affinities. It is clear that two distinct elements are involved, one with its members showing affinity with Palaearctic and Nearctic genera, but differing in the possession of well-developed tegulae, the other isolated, and typified by its members having tegmina in which the costal vein is well separated from the anterior margin. The latter group is unequally divided, on antennal structure, between Strongylodemas and its allies, and Risius. The Strongylodematina and Risiina appear to represent a very old element in the South African fauna. The antennal structure in both is different from that of all other Orgeriine genera known to the writer. The antenna of Risius seems to have only one possible counterpart, that of the Australian Austrorgerius collinus Woodward. It is regretted that several of the descriptionptions that follow are incomplete: specimens of South African Orgeriini are so rare, however, and of such exceptional scientific interest, that descriptionption of mutilated uniques has been considered justified.

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