oa Annals of the Natal Museum - A genus and species of wingless fly from South Africa (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae)

Volume 15, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



Mr. B. R. Stuckenberg recently obtained five specimens of a wingless fly in forest litter at Storms River Pass, East Cape Province, and has been good enough to send them to me for study. In the key to brachypterous and apterous Sphreroceridae which I published in 1955 ('Rev. chil. Ent.',4: 89) it runs to the genus Mesaptilotus Richards, 1938 of which two species have been descriptionbed from Mt. Ruwenzori. It differs from that genus as follows: the ocelli are fully developed and are right at the back of the frons which is almost truncate behind; there is only one anterior, outwardly directed, superior orbital bristle; scutellum with two long apical bristles and only minute basal ones; no sternopleural bristle. The present genus, like most of the apterous members of the family, has probably evolved from Leptocera Olivo, but it is impossible to say from which subgenus and for geographical reasons it is likely to have evolved independently from the Ruwenzori ones. I have at hand a large number of undescriptionbed brachypterous and apterous Sprerocerids collected by Messieurs P. Basilewsky and N. Leleup. These come from various points between Mt. Elgon and the Uluguru Mts. in S. Tanganyika. They were all obtained on relatively high ground and so far as my very preliminary studies have gone, do not resemble the South African species.

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