oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Records and descriptions of Tabanidae from Southern Africa (Diptera)

Volume 18, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



The following twelve new species are descriptionbed and figured: Philoliche (Phara) andrenoides; Mesomyia (Perisilvius) tinleyi, marieps; Taballocella schofieldi; Tabanus saxicolus; Haematopota mephista, megaera, montisdraconis, quathlambia; Cydistomyia (Amanella) ingridina, ignota, cooksoni. The extent of variation in Cydistomyia pondo (Oldroyd) and Cydistomyia imbecilla (Karsch) is discussed and new records are given for these species. Tabanus corax Loew is redescriptionbed. New records are given for the following species: Sphecodemyia lamborni Austen, Chrysops laticeps Austen, Cydistomyia medialis (Oldroyd). The name Mesomyia Macquart, 1850, is not considered to be replaced by Erodiorhynchus Macquart, 1838, as the latter is regarded as a valid genus and not a subgenus. Amanella Oldroyd is retained as a subgenus of Cydistomyia Taylor, and Canalicula Oldroyd is considered not to be distinct from Amanella. A key is given to the species of Amanella without grooved palpi. The three species Tabanocella denticornis (Wied.), T. zoulouensis (Ric.) and T. schofieldi n.sp. are compared and keyed.

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