oa Annals of the Natal Museum - The Rhagionidae of Madagascar (Diptera)

Volume 18, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



This is the first comprehensive study of the Madagascar Rhagionidae. Two genera are recorded from the island, Suragina Walker and Chrysopilus Macquart. The former genus is represented by two species, S. milloti (Séguy) and S. pauliani n.sp. Twenty-seven new species of Chrysopilus are descriptionbed: griveaudi, andringitrensis, lemur, superbus, ankaratrae, kimoroensis, madecassus (with nominate subspecies and ssp. merinanus), betsileorum, sogai, clemendoti, ivontakae, cognatus, latipennis, keiseri, moramangensis, vespertinus, megacephalus, lokobiensis, sucini, indris, antongilensis, atricornis, nemoris, mutabilis, zanjensis, mundus, vadoni. The relationship between Suragina, Atherix Meigen and Atrichops Verrall is discussed; Atrichops is a distinct segregate of which Heterosuragina Nagatomi is a synonym, and Atherix and Suragina are seen as opposed extremes of a more or less continuous morphological gradient. Some generic features of Chrysopilus are mentioned. Leptipalpus Rondani, Macellopalpus Bigot and Heliomyia Doleschall are accepted as synonyms, as well as Sapporomyia Szilády. The subgenera of Chrysopilus are discussed, and Chrysopilodes Frey is the only one that its considered to be well founded; the confused position regarding Poppiusiella Frey is descriptionbed and remains unclarified. Attention is drawn to the use of the pleurotergal vestiture as a specific character in Chrysopilus.

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