oa Annals of the Natal Museum - The terrestrial Mollusca of the Kruger National Park: a contribution to the malacology of the Eastern Transvaal

Volume 18, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



A survey of the land molluscs of the Kruger National Park, E. Transvaal, has resulted in the discovery of five new species, Pseudoglessula (Kempioconcha) hamiltoni, Streptostele (Raffraya) meridionalis and S. (R.) sanctuarii (all figured) and two slugs of the family Aperidae, while Conulinus metuloides, Afropunctum zanguebaricum, Guppya rumrutiensis (fig.), Subulina gracillima, S. mamillata, Gonaxis gwandaensis and Gulella perissodonta are new to the South African list. A total of 50 species, of which six are slugs (data supplied by Dr. L. Forcart), are discussed. Anatomical data are supplied for Pupoides calaharicus, Rachis jejuna, Conulinus mcbeanianus, Succinea africana, Trochonanina mozambicensis, Subulina gracillima, S. mamillata, Pseudoglessula hamiltoni, Opeas lineare, Achatina immaculata and Gonaxis gwandaensis (all figured). The following synonymies have been established: Conulinus mcbeanianus var. lemaneensis = C. mcbeanianus, Opeas lineare var. levis = O. lineare and Achatina panthera = A. immaculata (type locality restricted to Lourenço Marques, Mozambique). Very many species are definitely cryptozoic in ecology and it seems that the dry climate, resultant poor vegetation and unsuitable subsoil all contribute to the poverty of the land snail fauna. The malacofauna of the Kruger National Park shows a mixture of tropical, transitional and temperate elements (60, 34 and 4% of the species respectively) and may be considered an impoverished offshoot of that of the Mozambique Plains, mainly on account of the low rainfall. The Transvaal Highveld and its fringes appear to be a centre of endemism, mainly of transitional elements allied to tropical species.

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