oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Studies on the Veronicellidae, Aperidae and Urocyclidae (Mollusca) of Southern Africa

Volume 18, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



Slugs of the families Veronicellidae, Aperidae and Urocyclidae of the Southern African countries South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Rhodesia and Malawi were studied in detail. In the Veronicellidae the synonymy of Veronicella saxicola Cockerell with Laevicaulis natalensis natalensis (Krauss) is established. In the Aperidae the species Apera bruggeni n. sp., and Apera watsoni n. sp. from the Transvaal, and Apera septentrionalis n. sp. from Rhodesia, are descriptionbed. In the Urocyclidae the generic name Trichotoxon Simroth, to which Pilsbry attached Spirotoxon Simroth, Trichotoxon Simroth, Atrichotoxon Simroth, and Polytoxon Simroth as subgenera, is replaced by the generic name Urocyclus Gray. Spirotoxon Simroth is established as synonymous with Urocyclus Gray. Elisolimax Cockerell is now considered a subgenus of Urocyclus Gray. Urocyclus (Urocyclus) kirkii Gray and Urocyclus (Elisolimax) flavescens are redescriptionbed. Kirkia is established as having been based on two species at the same time; consequently the name has to be rejected. Atoxon meridionalis n. sp. from Zululand and Rhodesia, Atoxon bruggeni n. sp. from Rhodesia, Atoxon cooksoni n. sp. from Mozambique, and Leptichnus verdcourti n. sp. from Mozambique, and Rhodesia, are descriptionbed. Dendrolimax greeffi Simroth, hitherto known only from Sao Thomé in the Gulf of Guinea, is now recorded from Rhodesia and redescriptionbed. Leptichnus verdcourti n. sp. from Rhodesia and Moçambique is descriptionbed.

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