oa Annals of the Natal Museum - The Spiroboloidea (Diplopoda) of the eastern half of Southern Africa

Volume 18, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



This paper is an account of the Spiroboloidea of Southern Africa east of 24° longitude, where five genera are found, Metiche, Centrobolus, Hadrobolus, Microbolus and Chersastus. All except Chersastus are represented by single species in the South African region; Chersastus on the other hand consists at the present time of 42 species widespread from the Cape Peninsula to Beira and a revision of the forms occurring in the eastern half of Southern Africa has been attempted; a key to these species is given. Various generic features of Chersastus are discussed and notes on the distribution and ecology of the genus are given. Fourteen new species of Chersastus are descriptionbed, immaculatus, inyanganus, decoratus, tricolor, rugulosus, bifidus, transvaalicus, richardi, albitarsus, validus, sanguinipes, lugubris, fulgidus and pusillus. Notes or supplementary descriptionptions of some of Attems' and Schubart's Natal species are provided. A new genus Microbolus from Mocambique is proposed with a single species broadleyi. A new species of Metiche, hitherto known from tropical East Africa, is descriptionbed from Mocambique; the genus is recorded from the South African region for the first time, the other species being located in Tanganyika (two) and Somaliland (one).

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