oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Taxonomic notes on South African marine Mollusca (2), with the description of new species and subspecies of Conus, Nassarius, Vexillum and Demoulia

Volume 21, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



Species selected from the following families are treated in this paper: Gastropoda: Haliotidae, Fissurellidae, Patellidae, Trochidae, Turbinidae, Littorinidae, Rissoidae, Modulidae, Strombidae, Naticidae, Fossaridae, Epitoniidae, Bursidae, Muricidae, Magilidae, Colubrariidae, Buccinidae, Nassariidae, Fasciolariidae, Mitridae, Conidae. Bivalvia: Arcidae, Mytilidae, Cardiidae, Veneridae. New species: Nassariidae - Nassarius fenwicki. Mitridae - Vexillum rhodarion. Conidae - Conus lohri. New subspecies: Nassariidae - Demoulia ventricosa nataliae. New synonyms: Fissurellidae - Fissurella sculpturata Turton, 1932 = Diodora levicostata (E. A. Smith, 1914). Patellidae - Patella variabilis Krauss, 1848 (non Risso, 1826) = P. concolor Krauss, 1848. Trochidae - Stomatella articulata A. Adams, 1850 = S. sulcifera Lamarck 1822; Calliostoma crossleyae Smith, 1910 = C. multilirata (Sowerby, 1895). Turbinidae - Turbo splendidulus Sowerby, 1887 (non Da Costa, 1829) = T. laetus Philippi, 1849. Littorinidae - Littorina perplexa Turton, 1932 = L. africana (Philippi, 1847). Naticidae - Natica nemo Bartsch, 1915, and N. burnupi Smith, 1903 = N. gualteriana Recluz, 1844. Epitoniidae - Scalaria rietensis, albocostata and rufanensis Turton, 1932 = Epitonium lamellosum (Lamarck, 1822). Buccinidae - Buccinum tigrinum Kiener, 1834 (non Gmelin, 1791) = Burnupena pubescens (Kuster, 1858). Nassariidae - Nassa retusa Lamarck, 1822 = Demoulia ventricosa (Lamarck, 1816). Fasciolariidae-Euthria ordinaria Turton, 1932 = Peristernia fuscotincta (Sowerby, 1886). Arcidae - Arca cafria Bartsch, 1915 = Noetia lateralis (Reeve, 1844). Mytilidae - Modiola rufanensis Turton, 1932 = Modiolus auriculatus (Krauss, 1848). New status: Patellidae - Patella sanguinans Reeve is regarded as a valid subspecies of P. miniata Born. Fasciolariidae - Fusinus ocelliferus (Lamarck, 1816) is reinstated as a senior synonym of F. verruculatus (Lamarck, 1822); Peristernia leucothea is a subspecies of P. forskalii (Tapparone-Canefri). The validity of Diodora levicostata (Smith) (Fissurellidae), Barbatia sculpturata (Turton) (Arcidae), and Gregariella albanyana (Turton) (Mytilidae), are confirmed. In addition, seventeen species are reported from South Africa for the first time, and confirmation of a number of early records is provided; conversely thirteen older records are rejected. Several lectotypes and type localities are designated. Coralliophila clathrata (A. Adams) (Magilidae) and Minolia sculpta (Sowerby) (Trochidae) are figured for the first time.

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