oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Fossil plants from the Upper Permian in the Mooi River district of Natal, South Africa

Volume 22, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



A flora of 35 taxa is descriptionbed from the Daptocephalus reptile zone of the Lower Beaufort Subgroup in Natal. It is associated with a rich insect fauna. The flora consists mainly of sphenopsids (four species), pteropsids (one species), cycadopsids, chiefly Glossopterideae (fifteen species), coniferopsids (one species), dispersed seeds and microsporangia. Three new monotypic genera of fructifications, probably all glossopteridean, are erected: Mooia (lidgettonioides), Rusangea (elegans), Rigbya (arberioides). Two new fructifications are placed in existing glossopteridean fructification genera:· Scutum con­spicuum attached to leaves of Glossopteris conspicua Feistmantel, and Plumsteadia natalensis attached to narrow leaves resembling Glossopteris indica Schimper. One new species is placed in an existing, probably glossopteridean, leaf genus: Belemnopteris elongata. One new monotypic genus is erected for a problematic plant which may be a moss: Buthelezia (mooiensis ). The flora shows affinity with those of the Raniganj Stage (Upper Damuda Series) of India, the Newcastle and Upper Bowen Series of Australia, and the Ohio Range of Antarctica.

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