oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Afrotropical Asilidae (Dipters) 5. The genus Dasophrys Loew, 1858 (= Hobbyus Bromley, 1925) (Asilinae: Asilini)

Volume 24, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



The genus Dasophrys Loew is reviewed. Hobbyus Bromley is synonymised with Dasophrys. New species: boslacus, brevistylus, bullatus, carinatus, crenulatus, dorattina, engeli, fortis, hysnotos, irwini, loewi, minutus, montanus, nanus, nigroseta, oldroydi, reburrus, saliotragus, silvestris, swazi, umbripen­nis. New synonyms: Dasophrys personatus Schiner, 1868 & D. paron (Walker, 1849) = D. geniculatus (Macquart, 1838); D. flavopilosus (Ricardo, 1920) = D. tarsalis (Ricardo, 1920). New combinations: D compressus (Hull, 1967) transferred from Synolcus Loew; D. nigroflavipes (Hobby, 1933) transfer­red from Hobbyus Bromley; D. geniculatus (Macquart, 1838), D. tarsalis (Ricardo, 1920) and D. flavopilosus (Ricardo, 1920) (= D. tarsalis) transferred from Neolophonotus Engel. The characters used in the taxonomy of the genus are discussed. Three loosely defined species groups are recognised: the nigricans group (7 species), the geniculatus group (6-7 species) and the androclea group (5 species). The genus appears to be largely confined to southern Africa.

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