oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Revision of the genus Ancilla Lamarck, 1799 (Mollusca: Olividae: Ancillinae)

Volume 24, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



The genus Ancilla Lamarck. 1799, contains 34 valid species and subspecies, nine of which are here descriptionbed as new. These are A. farsiana from the Persian Gulf, A. rouillardi from South Africa, A. chrysoma from India, A. sticta from the Gulf of Aden, A. iota and murrayi from East Africa, A. adelphe and A. thomassini from the Malagasy-Mascarene region and A. taylori from the Indonesian archipelago. The genus Ancilla probably evolved from an Ancillarina-lineage during the Eocene. Subgenus Javancilla is proposed for Ancilla boettgeri Martin, 1914, an Eocene species with marked plesiomorph­ous characters. Hesperancilla is proposed for A. matthewsi Burch & Burch, 1967, of the Atlantic, whose Ancilla-like characters may be convergent. S.E.M. and light-microscope studies of radulae indicate two sister groups in the Indo-Pacific, with pectinate and tricuspidate rachidian plates respectively. In the absence of knowledge of dentition in A. cinnamomea, the type species of Ancilla, a final subgeneric classification cannot be proposed and a provisional system is utilised.

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