oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Turridae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) of southern Africa and Mozambique. Part 2. Subfamily Clavatulinae

Volume 26, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



Four genera and 20 species of Clavatulinae are recorded from southern Africa: Clionella (11 species), Clavatula (4 species), Toxiclionella (4 species) and Benthoclionella (1 species). All are descriptionbed and the radulae of 13 species and egg-capsules of 3 are figured. The radula of Toxiclionella elstoni (Barnard, 1962) consists of vestigial rachidians and double-barbed hypodermic marginal teeth. New species: Clionella liltvedi. New subspecies: Clionella subventricosa kaffraria. New subgenus: Caliendrula (of Toxiclionella), type species Latiaxis? elstoni Barnard, 1962. Species removed from Clavatulinae: Pleurotoma turriplana Sowerby, 1903, is a Turricula, and P. gravis Hinds, 1843, a Makiyamaia (both Cochlespirinae); Clavatula erecta Turton, 1932, is an indeterminate clavinid. New synonyms: Pleurotoma nux Reeve, 1845 = Clionella semicostata (Kiener, 1840); Clionella nereia Bartsch, 1915, C. proxima, C. kowiensis and C. kowiensis viridis Turton, 1932 = C. rosaria (Reeve, 1846); C. assimilans Turton, 1932 = Clavatula tripartita (Weinkauff, 1876). New combinations: Drillia subcontracta Smith, 1904, and Pleurotoma vilma Thiele, 1925, are transferred to Clionella; P. impages Adams & Reeve, 1850, Clavatula haliplex Bartsch, 1915, and Latiaxis ? elstoni are referred to Toxiclionella. New status: Clionella bornii (Smith, 1877), C. striolata Turton, 1932, C. vilma (Thiele, 1925), Clavatula helena Bartsch, 1915, and Toxiclionella haliplex (Bartsch, 1915) are valid species. Toxiclionella Powell, 1966, is given full generic status. Mangilia herilda Bartsch, 1915, is a valid Mitromorpha. Lectotype designated: Clionella confusa E.A. Smith, 1906. Holotypes figured: Pleuroroma subventricosa E. A. Smith, 1877; P. impages Adams & Reeve, 1850; P. nux Reeve, 1845; Clavatula haliplex Bartsch, 1915; C. gracilior Sowerby, 1870; Clionella nereia Bartsch, 1915.

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