oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Turridae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) of southern Africa and Mozambique. Part 3. Subfamily Borsoniinae

Volume 27, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



Eleven genera of Borsoniinae occur in southern Africa and Mozambique. Of these, one genus (Tropidoturris, type-species Pleurotoma scitecostata Sowerby, 1903) is new; another (Mitrellatoma Powell, 1942) is the first non-fossil record, and Maorimorpha Powell, 1939, is recorded outside New Zealand for the first time. Maoritomella Powell, 1942, and Pulsarella Laseron, 19S4, are treated as full genera. Helenella Casey, 1904, Apaturris Iredale, 1917, and Cymakra Gardner, 1937, are synonyms of Mitrolumna Bucquoy, Dautzenberg & Dollfus, 1883, which is regarded as a subgenus of Mitromorpha Carpenter, 1865. 45 species are reported; of these, 24 species and two subspecies are new, viz. Bathytoma (Parabathytoma) prodicia, B. (Micantapex) arbucklei; Tropidoturris anaglypta, T. fossata notialis, T. planilirata, T. simplicicingula pondo; Tomopleura oscitans; Maoritomella tarrhion, M. granilirata, M. clupeispina, M. densecostulata, M. megalacme, M. leptopleura; Microdrillia dinos; Mitrellatoma mitra; Mitromorpha (Mitrolumna) kennellyi, M. (M) chelonion, M. (M.) brevispira, M. (M.) iridescens, M. (M.) rotundicostata, M. (M.) tenuilirata, M. (M.) nodilirata, M. (M.) ustulata, M. (M.) maraisi, M. (M.) amphibolos, M. (M.) platacme. New combinations: Cominella? sulcata Sowerby, 1892, is a Maorimorpha; Pleurotoma fultoni Sowerby, 1888, and Oligotoma clevei Jousseaume, 1883, belong to Pulsarella Laseron, 1954; Bela eva Thiele, 1925, and Drillia pleonastica Barnard, 1958, are Maoritomella; Acrobela acus Barnard, 1958, belongs to genus Teretia Norman, 1888 (subfamily Raphitominae); Mitromorpha veneris Barnard, 1964, belongs to Charitodoron Tomlin, 1932 (family Mitridae). New records: Tomopleura nivea (Philippi, 1851), Microdrillia patricia (Melvill, 1904), M. circumver­tens (Melvill & Standen, 1901). New synonyms: Surcula opulenta Thiele, 1925 = Tropidoturris scitecostata (Sowerby, 1903); Colum­bella (Seminella) stepheni Melvill & Standen, 1897, and C. dibolos Barnard, 1964 = Anarithma metula (Hinds, 1843). Neotype designated: Pleurotoma nivea Philippi, 1851. Lectotypes designated and figured: Oligotoma bellardii, O. clevei and O. makimonos Jousseaume, 1883, Pleurotoma belaeformis, P. scitecostata and P. fossata Sowerby, 1903, P. vertebrata E. A. Smith, 1875, P. violacea Hinds, 1843, non Adams & Mighels, 1841 [ = P. reevii C. B. Adams, 1850] and P. retusispirata E. A. Smith, 1877. Holotypes figured: Clavatula metula Hinds, 1843, Drillia simplicicingula and D. pleonastica Barnard, 1958, Bathytoma regnans Melvill, 1918, Mitromorpha [? = Liratilia] veneris Barnard, 1964. Syntype figured: Columbella (Seminella) stepheni Melvill & Standen, 1897. Radulae of Tomopleura nivea, Pulsarella fultoni, Bathytoma helenae Kilburn, 1974. Tropidoturris fossata notialis, T. scitecostata (Sowerby, 1903) and T. simplicicingula (Barnard, 1958) are illustrated.

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