oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Afrotropical Tabanidae (Diptera): the genus Rhigioglossa Wiedemann, 1828 (including Mesomyia Macquart, 1850, as a subgenus)

Volume 28, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



The genus Rhigioglossa Wiedemann, 1828 (now including Dasycompsa Enderlein, Mesomyia Macquart, Perisilvius Enderlein, Pronopes Loew and Pseudoscaptia Enderlein as subgenera) is revised. Bacloceras Austen is placed in synonymy with subgenus Mesomyia. Rhinomyzopsis Séguy is provisionally reinstated as a distinct genus. Rhigioglossa is restricted to the Afrotropical region (excepting 3 Australian species). Austro-­Oriental, Australasian and Neotropical species formerly grouped with Mesomyia are placed in either Lilaea Walker or Pseudotabanus Ricardo. Coracella Philip is placed as a new synonym of Pseudotabanus. Eight new species of Rhigioglossa are descriptionbed: andrewesi, capensis, flavibasalis, lineacallosa, milleri, munroi, namibiensis and nitens. The male of marieps and the female of nyassica are recognised for the first time. New combinations in Rhigioglossa: algoensis Oldroyd, anomala Oldroyd, apiformis Neave, argentea Oldroyd, aurantiaca Oldroyd, barnardi Oldroyd, callosa Ricardo, confluens Loew, constrictifrons Oldroyd, contraria Austen, coriaria Oldroyd, costata Loew, cuneata Loew, cydister Taylor, decora Macquart, designata Oldroyd, divergens Oldroyd, fallax Austen, flavipes Hine, hirsuta Ricardo, kiboriani Lamerton, latifrons Mackerras, marieps Usher, monticola Neave, mossambicensis Dias, namaquina Oldroyd, nigricans Loew, nigrita Chainey & Oldroyd, nyassica Enderlein, provincialis Oldroyd, redunda Oldroyd, seyrigi Séguy, stannusi Oldroyd, tepperi Ferguson, tinleyi Usher. New combinations in Lilaea: atrata Schuurmans Stekhoven, dimidiata Wulp, femoralis Ricardo, fuliginosa Taylor, mansoni Summers, norrisi Mackerras, paralurida Ferguson & Hill, stradbrokei Taylor. New combinations in Pseudotabanus: alcocki Summers, araucanus Coscaron, ater Taylor, burnsi Mackerras, carbo Macquart, doddi Ricardo, equinus Ferguson & Hill, eyreanus Mackerras, fergusoni Ricardo, frontalis Ricardo, fulvissimus Mackerras, fuscipennis Ricardo, grandis Ricardo, imitator Ferguson, lunulatus Bigot, montanus Ricardo, nigerrimus Mackerras, nigripennis Ricardo, obscurus Mackerras, peregrinus Mackerras, pullus Mackerras, rubricornis Kröber, silvester Bergroth, sulcifrons Ferguson, taylori Mackerras, trypherus Taylor. Other species excluded from Rhigioglossa: Diachlorus barbatus Bigot is placed as a senior synonym of Surcoufia paradoxa Kröber and Tabanus oritensis Bigot is placed as a senior synonym of Apatolestes villosulus Bigot.

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