oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Afrotropical Asilidae (Diptera) 14. The genus Neolophonotus Engel, 1925. Part 3. The pellitus species-group (Asilinae: Asilini)

Volume 28, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



A taxonomic account is given of the pellitus species-group of the genus Neolophonotus, containing 42 species. Twenty-four new species are descriptionbed. New species: bamptoni, bromleyi, coronatus, efflatouni, ensiculus, floccus, haplotherates, karooensis, megaphallus, melinus, membrana, munroi, niveus, occesilitus, pollex, raymondi, salina, sanchorus, satanus, sinuvena, spoliator, struthaulon, umbrivena, unicalamus. New synonyms: A. amazaenes Walker, 1849 & N. dispar Engel, 1927 = A. abuntius Walker, 1849; D. transvaalensis Ricardo, 1920 & D. nigricans Ricardo, 1920 = L. albofasciatus Ricardo, 1900; L. pulcher Loew, 1858, N. rufus Hull, 1967 & N. rufulus Oldroyd, 1981 = A. micropterus Macquart, 1838; N. mamathesiana Bromley, 1947 = L. spiniventris Loew, 1858. Revised status: L. albovittatus Schiner, 1867 (previously synonymised with L. pulcher Loew, 1858) and A. isse Walker, 1849 (previously synonymised with A. pellitus Wiedemann, 1819) are reinstated as valid species. New combinations: Antilophonotus maculipennis Lindner, 1955, Asilus micropterus Macquart, 1838 & Lophonotus heteronevrus Macquart, 1838 are transferred to Neolophonotus.

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