oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Revision of the Solareillinae (Mollusca: Prosobranchia: Trochidae) in southern Africa

Volume 28, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



A total of 32 species (18 new) and one subspecies belonging to 3 genera (Ilanga, Solariella and Spectamen) are discussed. All except 2 are descriptionbed and where possible the radula and protoconch are illustrated using SEM. Over 70 % of species have been found alive. Relationships with other Solarielline genera and the problems involved in the interpretation of Solariella s.s. are discussed. All southern African species previously referred to the genus Minolia Adams, 1860, were incorrectly assigned. External anatomy was examined in all cases where alcohol preserved material was available. Differences in external anatomy are concomitant with differences in radula structure and are thought to be of taxonomic significance. Protoconch form is similar throughout the subfamily and may serve to distinguish certain subfamilies of otherwise similar shell morphology. Biological observations on behaviour, feeding and reproduction are given; two species brood developing larvae in the mantle cavity. New genus: Ilanga, type species Trochus laevissimus von Martens, 1881. New species: Ilanga discus, I. furtiva, I. impolita, I. kilburni, I. lirellata, I. maculicincta, I. millardi, I. platypeza, I. polita, I. rhyssomphala, Spectamen flavum, S. gerula, S. geruloides, S. pardalis, S. roseapicale, S. rubiolae, S. ruthae, S. sulculiferum; New subspecies: Ilanga undata sphinx. New synonyms: Solariella gilchristi Barnard, 1963, S. macleari Barnard, 1963, and possibly S. chuni Thiele, 1925 = S. intermissa Thiele, 1925; Solariella (Microgaza) meyeri Kilburn, 1973 = Ilanga biradiatula (von Martens, 1902); Solariella beckeri Sowerby, 1901, S. rufanensis Turton, 1932, S. pulchella Turton, 1932 and Cyclostremella africana Bartsch, 1915 = 'Solariella' fuscomaculata Sowerby, 1892. New combinations: Solariella agulhasensis Thiele, 1925, S. biradiatula von Martens, 1902, S. undala Sowerby, 1870, Trochus laevissimus von Martens, 1881, Margarita bicarinata Adams & Reeve, 1850 and Gibbula whilechurchi Turton, 1932, all belong to Ilanga gen. n.; Minolia adarticulata Barnard, 1963, Cyclostrema (Tubiola) semisculpla von Martens, 1904, Solariella mullistriata Thiele, 1925 and S. turbynei Barnard, 1936 all belong to Spectamen Iredale, 1924. New record for southern Africa: Ilanga biradiatula (von Martens, 1902) descriptionbed from off Tanzania. Lectotypes designated and figured: Minolia adarticulata Barnard, 1963; Solariella fuscomaculata Sowerby, 1892; Solariella beckeri Sowerby, 1901; Solariella gilchristi Barnard, 1963; Solariella macleari Barnard, 1963. Types figured: Holotype of Solariella turbynei Barnard, 1963; holotype of S. franciscana Barnard, 1963; holotype of S. meyeri Kilburn, 1973; holotype of Gibbula whitechurchi Turton, 1932; holotype of Margarita bicarinata Adams & Reeve, 1850; syntype of Minolia congener Sowerby, 1903; syntype of Solariella maculata Wood, 1842.

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