oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Revision of Orthactia Kröber, 1912, with descriptions of six new species (Diptera: Therevidae: Phycinae)

Volume 29, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



The phycine genus Orthactia Kröber, 1912 is revised. The genus is redescriptionbed and a possible sister-­group relationship with the Palaearctic genus Actorthia Kröber, 1912 is discussed. A monophyletic group containing these two genera is proposed, and the autapomorphic characters of the group, such as the possession of a peculiar scutellar pilosity and long ventral setae on mid and hind tarsi, are asso­ciated with the burying habits of the adults of these stiletto-flies. Orthactia seems restricted in distribution to the Cape Province of South Africa and Namibia. Seven species are recognised, of which six are descriptionbed as new, viz, O. gobabebensis (Namibia and north-western Cape Province), O. irwini (north-western Cape Province), O. deserticola (Namibia), O. albopilosa (northern Cape Province), O. londti (northern Cape Province), and O. penicillata (coastal northern Cape Province).

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