oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Harvestmen (Opiliones) from Mascarene Islands and resurrection of the family Zalmoxidae

Volume 30, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



Four species of Opiliones from Mauritius and one from Réunion are listed. The genital organs of Zalmoxomma occidentalis Roewer, Hinzuanius mauriticus Roewer, Strandia ceylonensis (Karsch) and Zalmoxis austera Hirst (from New Guinea - for comparison) are illustrated for the first time. The family Zalmoxidae is removed from the synonymy of Phalangodinae and is redefined. The biantid genus Hinzuanius is also discussed and an amplified list of included species together with new combinations and new synonymies of several specific and generic names is provided. The systematics of Assamiidae and problems with systematics and nomenclature of Gagrellinae are commented on. New synonyms: Acrobiantes Roewer, 1915, Biantica Roewer, 1949, Biantula Roewer, 1949, Biantidius Roewer, 1949, Hovabiantes Lawrence, 1959 all = Hinzuanius Karsch, 1880. Acrobiantes brevispinus Lawrence, 1959 & Acrobiantes minor Lawrence, 1959 = Hinzuanius pardalis (Lawrence, 1959). Acrobiantes nigroannulatus Lawrence, 1959 = Hinzuanius gracilis (Roewer, 1949). Biantes bicolor Pocock, 1903 = Hinzuanius Jiaviventris (Pocock, 1903)? Biantes scaber Lawrence, 1959 = Hinzuanius pauliani (Lawrence, 1959). Hinzuanius hildebrandti Roewer, 1912, Hovabiantes immaculatus Lawrence, 1959, Hovabiantes simpli­cidens Lawrence, 1959 & Hovabiantes vachoni Lawrence, 1959 = Hinzuanius vittatus (Simon, 1885). Probiantes mauriticus Roewer, 1949 = Hinzuanius mauriticus Roewer, 1927. New combinations: Acrobiantes littoralis Lawrence, 1959, Acrobiantes pardalis Lawrence, 1959, Biantes milloti Fage, 1946, Biantes tenebrosus Lawrence, 1959, Biantes vittatus Simon, 1885, Biantica comorensis Roewer, 1949, Biantica madagassis Roewer, 1949, Biantula gracilis Roewer, 1949, Hovabiantes pauliani Lawrence, 1959-all transferred to Hinzuanius. New lectotype designation for Hinzuanius hildebrandti Roewer, 1912 (ZMB 3793).

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