oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Afrotropical Asilidae (Diptera) 22. The genus Scylaticus Loew, 1858 (Stenopogoninae)

Volume 33, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



Species previously placed in Scylaticus Loew are considered. The genus is discussed and redefined with the result that only seven of the previously descriptionbed species (excluding synonyms) are retained in the nominal genus (ie. albofasciatus Engel, 1932; costalis (Wiedemann, 1819); engeli Bromley, 1947; laevinus (Walker, 1849); marginatus Engel, 1932; quadrifasciatus Engel & Cuthbertson, 1934); zonatus Loew, 1858. Eight are transferred to the newly created genus Connomyia (albipilus (Becker, 1922); argyropus (Engel, 1932); barkeri (Bromley, 1947); exquisitus (Engel, 1932); leoninus (Engel, 1932); lindneri (Oldroyd, 1980); punctatus (Engel, 1932); varipennis (Ricardo, 1925)). A new synonym is established (S. xiphocerus Bromley, 1952 = costalis (Wiedemann, 1819)), while 28 new species of Scylaticus are descriptionbed (ie. braunsi; bromleyi; bunohippus; callimus; camptus; ceratitus; chrysotus; cuthbertsoni; danus; entrichus; gongrocercus; gymnosternum; hadromedus; iota; irwini; loewi; melanus; midas; namibiensis; pardalotus; phaeus; ricardoae; thecarus; tigrinus; trophus; tyligmus; whiteheadi; zirconius). Lectotype designations are made for Dioctria costalis Wiedemann, 1819 and S. zonatus Loew, 1858. A key for the separation of all presently recognised species (35) is provided. The relationships between Afrotropical representatives of Scyiaticus and those of other zoogeographical regions are briefly discussed.

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