oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Revision of the Umboniinae in southern Africa and Mozambique (Mollusca: Prosobranchia: Trochidae)

Volume 33, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



All species of the Umboniinae known to occur in the seas off southern Africa and Mozambique are discussed (12 species, 4 new, belonging to 4 genera, 2 new). Observations on the external anatomy, radula and behaviour are given whenever possible. The systematics of the subfamily as a whole are discussed in the light of new data presented. The subfamily contains species with a monopectinate ctenidium and species with a bipectinate ctenidium. Several genera exhibit a morphology intermediate between more typical trochids and the highly derived members of the Umboniinae. The genus Lirularia is considered to be umboniine. Type specimens of a number of extralimital species are illustrated. New genera: Inkaba, type species Inkaba tonga sp. n.; Pseudominolia, type species Solariella splendens Sowerby, 1897. New species: Ethalia bysma, E. electra, E. gilchristae, Inkaba tonga. New synonyms: Minolia variegata Odhner, 1919 = Pseudominolia splendens (Sowerby, 1897); Margarita dilecta A. Adams, 1855 = Antisolarium egenum (Gould, 1849); Minolia eucoronata Sowerby, 1905 = Ethminolia impressa (G. & H. Nevill, 1869). New combinations: Solariella splendens Sowerby, 1897, and Margarita articulata Gould, 1861, belong to Pseudominolia gen. n.; Solarium impressum G. & H. Nevill, 1869, Solariella sculpta Sowerby, 1897, Cyclostrema gravieri Lamy, 1909, and Solariella durbanensis Kilburn, 1977, belong to Ethminolia Iredale, 1924. New records: Ethalia carneolata Melvill, 1897, Ethminolia nektonica (Okutani, 1961) and Ethminolia stearnsii (Pilsbry, 1895) are recorded for the first time from the south-western Indian Ocean; Ethminolia durbanensis (Kilburn, 1977), E. gravieri (Lamy, 1909), E. sculpta (Sowerby, 1897) and Pseudominolia splendens (Sowerby, 1897) are recorded from Mozambique for the first time. Lectotypes designated and figured: Ethalia carneolata var. rubrostrigata Melvill, 1904; Ethalia minolina var. infralaevior Schepman, 1907; Ethalia striolata A. Adams, 1855; Margarita dilecta A. Adams, 1855; Minolia eucoronata Sowerby, 1905; Minolia glaphyrella Melvill & Standen, 1895; Minolia stearnsii Pilsbry, 1895; Minolia variegata Odhner, 1919; Monilea philippii A. Adams, 1855; Solariella splendens Sowerby, 1897; Solarium impressum G. & H. Nevill, 1869. Types figured: Holotype - Cyclostrema gravieri Lamy, 1909; syntype - Ethalia carneolata Melvill, 1897; holotype - Ethalia minolina Melvill, 1897; holotype - Margarita articulata Gould, 1861; holotype - ­Minolia edithae Melvill, 1891; holotype - Monilea vernicosa Gould, 1861; holotype - Solariella durbanensis Kilburn, 1977; lectotype - Solariella sculpta Sowerby 1897; holotype - Solarium egenum Gould, 1849; holotype - Talopena gloriola Iredale, 1929; syntype - Trochus eudeli Deshayes, 1863; holotype - Trochus (Solariella) lamprus Watson, 1880.

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