oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Turridae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) of southern Africa and Mozambique. Part 6. Subfamily Mangeliinae, section 1

Volume 33, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



The southern African and Mozambican representatives of Eucithara Fischer, 1883, and Leiocithara Hedley, 1922, plus three new genera, are revised; 21 species (11 new) are present. Notes on 47 extralimital species are appended, with photographs of types. New genera: Gingicithara (type species Mangelia lyrica Reeve, 1846) Papillocithara (type species P. hebes sp. n.), Citharomangelia (type species Mangilia africana Sowerby, 1903). New species: Eucithara macteola, E. ubuhle, E. abakcheutos, E. marerosa, Gingicithara maraisi, Papillocithara hebes, P. semiplicata, Leiocithara costellarioides, L. perlucidula, L. zamula, L. porcellanea. New synonymies: Mangelia crassilabrum Reeve, 1846 (non Pleurotoma crassilabrum Reeve, 1843), Mangilia reevei Tryon, 1884, Mangelia anna Jousseaume, 1883 = Eucithara novaehollandiae (Reeve, 1846); Mangelia zonara Reeve, 1846, M. capillacea Reeve, 1846, Mangelia cithara Gould, 1849, Cythara waterhousei E. A. Smith, 1884, Mangilia psalrerium Melvill & Standen, 1896, Cithara semizonata Hervier, 1897, C. eupoecila Hervier, 1897, Mangilia chionea Melvill & Standen, 1899, and Cythara optabilis Sowerby, 1907 = Eucithara coronara (Hinds, 1843); Mangilia quadrasi Boettger, 1895, Mangilia euselma Melvill & Standen, 1896, Mangilia eudeli Sowerby, 1901, Mangilia brunneolineata Preston, 1905 = Gingicithara notabilis (E. A. Smith, 1888); Mangilia cinnamomea peraffinis Pilsbry, 1904 = Citharomangelia richardi (Crosse, 1869); Mangelia rericulata Reeve, 1846 (non Risso, 1826) and Mangelia vittata Reeve, 1846 (non Hinds, 1844) = Eucithara obesa (Reeve, 1846); Mangelia abyssicola Reeve, 1846, and Pleurotoma (Glyphosroma?) rubrocincta E. A. Smith, 1882 = Eucithara vittata (Hinds, 1843). New records for southern Africa and Mozambique: Eucithara novaehollandiae (Reeve, 1846), E. duplaris (Melvill, 1923), E. striatella (E. A. Smith, 1884), E. coronata (Hinds, 1844), Gingicithara lyrica (Reeve, 1846), G. notabilis (E. A. Smith, 1888), Citharomangelia richardi (Crosse, 1869), Leiocithara musae (Thiele, 1925). Lectotypes designated and figured: Mangelia abyssicola Reeve, 1846; Mangelia angulara Reeve, 1846; Mangelia anna Jousseaume, 1883; Mangelia antillarum Reeve, 1846; Mangelia bicolor Reeve, 1846; Mangilia (Cythara) brunneolineata Preston, 1905; Mangelia capillacea Reeve, 1846; Mangelia celebensis Hinds, 1843; Mangelia cinnamomea Hinds, 1843; Mangelia crassilabrum Reeve, 1846; Mangelia cylindrica Reeve, 1846; Mangelia elegans Reeve, 1846; Mangilia eudeli Sowerby, 1901; Mangilia (Cythara) euselma Melvill & Standen, 1896; Mangelia gibbosa Reeve, 1846; Mangelia gracilis Reeve, 1846; Pleurotoma (Mangilia) grata E. A. Smith, 1884; Cythara guentheri Sowerby, 1893; Cyrhara hypercalles Melvill, 1898; Pleurotoma (Mangilia) lischkei E. A. Smith, 1888; Mangelia lyrica Reeve, 1846; Mangelia macrocephala Thiele, 1925; Cithara matakuana E. A. Smith, 1884; Mangelia musae Thiele, 1925; Pleurotoma (Mangilia) notabilis E. A. Smith, 1888; Mangelia novaehollandiae Reeve, 1846; Mangelia obesa Reeve, 1846; Mangilia cinnamomea peraffinis Pilsbry, 1904; Mangilia planilabroides Tryon, 1881 (= Mangelia planilabrum Reeve, 1846, non 1843); Mangilia psalterium Melvill & Standen, 1896; Mangilia quadrasi Boettger, 1895; Mangelia reticulata Reeve, 1846 (non Risso, 1826); Cithara striatella E. A. Smith, 1884; Mangilia townsendi Sowerby, 1895; Mangilia translucens Barnard, 1958; Cithara typica E. A. Smith, 1884; Mangelia zonata Reeve, 1846. Holotype figured: Mangilia bisacchii Hornung & Mermod, 1928; Pleurotoma (Glyphostoma?) bathyraphe E. A. Smith, 1882; Mangilia (Glyphostoma) cazioti Preston, 1905; Mangilia chionea Melvill & Standen, 1899; Mangelia cithara Gould, 1849; Mangelia coronata Hinds, 1843; Cithara delacouriana Crosse, 1869; Pleurotoma (Mangelia) denticulata E. A. Smith, 1884; Cythara duplaris Melvill, 1923; Pleurotoma (Glyphostoma?) exquisita E. A. Smith, 1882; Mangilia galigensis Melvill, 1899; Glyphostoma gruveli Dautzenberg, 1932; Mangelia hornbeckii Reeve, 1846; Mangelia infulata Hedley, 1909; Cythara interstriata E. A. Smith, 1876; Drillia longispira E. A. Smith, 1879; Pleurotoma (Mangilia) opalina E. A. Smith, 1882; Cythara optabilis Sowerby, 1907; Mangelia pellucida Reeve, 1846; Mangelia pessulata Reeve, 1846; Mangelia pallida Reeve, 1846; Mangelia ponderosa Reeve, 1846; Cythara quadrilineata Sowerby, 1913; Cithara richardi (Crosse, 1869); Cythara ringens Sowerby, 1893; Pleurotoma (Glyphostoma?) rubrocincta E. A. Smith, 1882; Cithara seychellarum E. A. Smith, 1884; Cythara striatissima Sowerby, 1907; Mangelia tenebrosa Reeve, 1846; Mangelia turricula Reeve, 1846; Cythara typhonata Me1vill & Standen, 1901; Cythara unilineata E. A. Smith, 1876; Cythara vitiensis E. A. Smith, 1884; Mangelia vittata Hinds, 1843; Cythara waterhousei E. A. Smith, 1884. Syntypes (and possible syntypes) figured: Cythara angiostoma Pease, 1868; Mangilia apollinea Melvill, 1904; Pleurotoma (Mangelia) boakei G. & H. Nevill, 1869; Cithara capillata Hervier, 1897; Cithara elevata E. A. Smith, 1884; Cithara eupoecila Hervier, 1897; Cythara gradata G. & H. Nevill, 1875; Cithara raffini Hervier, 1898; Cithara semizonata Hervier, 1897; Mangelia stromboides Reeve, 1846. Revised status: Leiocithara Hedley, 1922, is treated as a full genus; Eucithara elegans (Reeve, 1846), E. novaehollandiae (Reeve, 1846) and E. interstriata (E. A. Smith, 1876) appear to be valid species. New combinations: Mangelia flavescens Angas, 1877, transferred from Guraleus to Leiocithara; Mangelia angulata Reeve, 1846, Pleurotoma (Mangilia) lischkei E. A. Smith, 1888, Pleurotoma (Mangilia) opalina E. A. Smith, 1882, and Mangilia translucens Barnard, 1958, to Leiocithara. Mangelia cylindrica, M. pessulata and M. ponderosa Reeve, 1846, M. albivestis Pilsbry, 1934, and Pleurotoma (Mangilia) notabilis E. A. Smith, 1888, are provisionally referred to genus Gingicithara. Pleurotoma (Glyphostoma?) exquisita E. A. Smith, 1882, belongs to genus Cytharopsis A. Adams, 1865 (?subfamily Daphnellinae). Drillia longispira E. A. Smith, 1879, is transferred from Leiocithara to the Drilliinae. Provisionally transferred to genus Citharomangelia: Mangelia bicinctula G. & H. Nevill, 1871, Pleurotoma (Mangelia) boakei G. & H. Nevill, 1869, Pleurotoma (Mangelia) denticulata E. A. Smith, 1884, Cithara elevata E. A. Smith, 1884, Mangilia galigensis Melvill, 1899, Mangelia pellucida Reeve, 1846, Mangilia planilabroides Tryon, 1881, Cithara richardi (Crosse, 1869), Mangilia townsendi Sowerby, 1895, and Cythara quadrilineata Sowerby, 1913. Radula figured: Gingicithara lyrica (Reeve, 1846).

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