oa Annals of the Natal Museum - The Microchaetidae of Natal, with descriptions of new species of Microchaetus Rapp and Tritogenia Kinberg, and the new genus Proandricus (Oligochaeta)

Volume 33, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



The genus Microchaetus Rapp, 1849 is reviewed. Holandric species (benhami, braunsi, caementerii, crousi, decipiens, franciscus, guntheri, klopperi, ljungströmi, microchaetus, namaensis, natalensis, papillatus, parvus, pearsonianus, pentheri, peringueyi, pondoanus, rosai, stuckenbergi) are left in Microchaetus, while Proandricus is erected for species with the proandric condition (beddardi, belli, brincki, colletti, gracilis, humicultor, lesothoensis, marenzelleri, marleyi, modestus, timmianus, warreni­ - all transferred from Microchaetus). Previously known species of Tritogenia Kinberg, 1867 from Natal are listed (benhami, crassa, curta, grisea, howickiana, karkloofia, morosa, mucosa, shawi, sulcata). Microchaetus zululensis Beddard, 1907 is transferred to Tritogenia; new data are provided for melmothana (Michaelsen, 1928), confirming placement in Tritogenia; the new species ngomensis is descriptionbed. New species: Microchaetus - mkuzi, vernoni, zaloumisi; Proandricus - babanango, bulwerensis, entumeni, jasoni, thornvillensis. New synonym: Microchaetus ivari Michaelsen, 1907 = Proandricus gracilis (Michaelsen, 1907). Keys to all South African species, for all three genera, are provided.

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