oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Notes on some South African Ancillinae with descriptions of five new species of Amalda (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Olividae)

Volume 34, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



New species: Amalda lindae, A. cupedula, A. telaaraneae, A. whatmoughi, A. scopuloceti. New synonymy: Ancillaria fasciata Reeve, 1864, is a junior secondary homonym of Ancilla fasciata Perry, 1811, and Ancilla ordinaria E. A. Smith, 1906, must be utilised in its stead. Ancilla capensis Gray, 1865 = Amalda obesa (Sowerby, 1859). Ancilla errorum Tomlin, 1921 = Ancillaria [= Amalda] angustata Sowerby, 1859. Lectotype designations: Ancilla ordinaria E. A. Smith, 1906; Ancilla capensis Gray, 1865. New distribution data: Ancilla sarda (Reeve, 1864) is recorded for the first time from South Africa and the Mascarene Islands. Distribution of A. rouillardi Kilburn, 1981, is defined with more precision. Amalda trachyzonus Kilburn, 1975, appears to be restricted to the East London area. The range of Amalda obesa (Sowerby, 1859) is extended as far west as False Bay, with an apparently isolated population in southern Mozambique. The genus Ancillista Iredale, 1936, is recorded from South Africa for the first time. New combination: Ancillaria hasta von Martens, 1902, is referred to the genus Ancillista Iredale, 1936. Type locality: The type locality of Ancilla errorum Tomlin, 1921, erroneously given as 'Cape Point, 42 fathoms', is corrected to off Walker Point, 47 fathoms [= 86 m].

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