oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Revision of the Trochinae, tribe Trochini (Gastropoda: Trochidae) of southern Africa

Volume 34, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



All species of the tribe Trochini known to occur in southern Africa are discussed (ten species, one new, belonging to three genera). Observations on external anatomy and radula morphology are given for nine of the ten species. New species: Clanculus natalensis. New synonyms: Polydonta (Infundibulum) concinnum A. Adams, 1855 and Trochus (Infundibulum) baccatus Sowerby, 1889 = Trochus carinifems Beck in Reeve, 1842; Clanculus laceyi Sowerby, 1889 = Clanculus miniatus (Anton, 1838). Lectotypes designated and figured: Clanculus carinatus A. Adams, 1852; Clanculus waltonae Sowerby, 1892; Clanculus mixtus Smith, 1903; Clanculus elevatus Turton, 1932; Clanculus trochiformis Turton, 1932; Polydonta (Infundibulum) concinnum A. Adams, 1855; Trochus nigropunctatus Reeve, 1861; Trochus (Infundibulum) baccatus Sowerby, 1889. Neotypes designated and figured: Trochus cariniferus Beck in Reeve, 1842; Trochus flosculus Fischer, 1878; Trochus miniatus Anton, 1838. Holotypes figured: Clanculus alfredensis Bartsch, 1915; Clanculus atricatena Tomlin, 1921; Clanculus becki Turton, 1932; Clanculus eucosmia Turton, 1932; Clanculus kowiensis Turton, 1932; Clanculus lacey; Sowerby, 1889; Trochus textilis Reeve, 1861. Type locality emended: Monodonta punicea Philippi, 1846. Type localities designated: Trochus cariniferus Beck in Reeve, 1842; Trochus miniatus Anton, 1838. Type species designated: Trochus mauritianus Gmelin, 1791, is designated type species of Pyramidea Swainson, 1840, making the latter an objective synonym of Tectus Montfort, 1810.

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