oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Afrotropical Asilidae (Diptera) 25. A key to the genera of the subfamily Stenopogoninae with new synonymy and descriptions of six new genera

Volume 35, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



A key is presented to the 35 genera of Afrotropical Stenopogoninae. Six new genera and twenty eight new species are descriptionbed. Notes are provided on genera still requiring taxonomic attention. New genera (type species): Agrostomyia (A. dimorpha sp. n.), Corymyia (c. melas sp. n.), Irwinomyia (I. argentea sp. n.), Macroetra (M. damara sp. n.), Microphontes (M. whittingtoni sp. n.), Pedomyia (P. epidema sp. n.), Trichoura (T. torynopoda sp. n.). New species: Agrostomyia dimorpha, Corymyia antimelas, C. euryops, C. melas, C. xantha, Irwinomyia argentea, I. aurea, Macroetra angola, M. cera, M. damara, Microphontes safra, M. megoura, M. whittingtoni, Pedomyia astroptica, P. dryopolis, P. epidema, P. melanothrix, P. namaqua, P. namibia, P. simba, P. xanthocera, P. zela, Trichoura krugeri, T. mesochora, T. proctomeces, T. tankwa, T. torynopoda, T. tyligma. New synonymy: Sporadothrix Hermann, 1907 = Acnephalum Macquart, 1838. New combination: Acnephalum gracilis (Hermann, 1907) for Sporadothrix gracilis Hermann, 1907.

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