oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Notes on synonymy within the genus Priotrochus Fischer, 1879 (Prosobranchia: Trochidae)

Volume 35, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



Turbo trochoides Reeve, 1848, Priotrochus sepulchralis Melvill, 1899, and Trochus nabataeus Issel, 1869, are synonymised with Priotrochus obscurus (Wood, 1828). An additional synonym, Trochus signatus Jonas, 1844, is also discussed. Trochus (Aphanotrochus) chrysolaemus von Martens, 1880, is synonymised with Trochus goudoti Fischer, 1878, and Monodonta quadrasi Sowerby, 1899, with Thalotia tricingulata A. Adams, 1853. Lectotypes designated and figured: Trochus obscurus Wood, 1828; Priotrochus sepulchralis Melvill, 1899; Thalotia tricingulata A. Adams, 1853. Other type material figured: Holotype - Turbo trochoides Reeve, 1848; holotype - Trochus (Aphanotrochus) chrysolaemus von Martens, 1880; holotype - Trochus goudoti Fischer, 1878; holotype -Monodonta quadrasi Sowerby, 1899. Durban Bay is selected as type locality for Trochus obscurus Wood, 1828. Trochus bicinctus Philippi, 1849, and Trochus satorius Deshayes, 1863, are regarded as nomina dubia.

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