oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Afrotropical Asilidae (Diptera) 27: Predation of Asilidae by Asilidae

Volume 36, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



Asilidae are commonly preyed upon by other Asilidae. An analysis of 101 predator/prey specimen pairs is reported upon. The results indicate: i. Female asilids are more frequently encountered with asilid prey than males. ii. The average size of the predators is 1.7 times that of their prey, although some were able to overpower prey larger than themselves. iii. The bulk of records involve predators belonging to Apocleinae and Stenopogoninae. iv. Leptogastrinae and Ommatiinae have not been recorded as preying on other asilids. v. Ground-frequenting asilids appear more prone to predation by other asilids; the reason for this may be spatial restriction or high adaptation to feeding on other ground inhabiting insects.

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