oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Review of the South African species of Micropezidae (Diptera: Schizophora), with first record of the Micropezinae from the Afrotropical Region

Volume 37, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



The South African fauna of Micropezidae is reviewed and five species are recorded from the eastern provinces: Micropeza corrigiolata (Linnaeus, 1767), Cephalosphen conifrons (Bigot, 1886), Erythromyiella rufa (Hennig, 1935) and Mimegralla tessmanni (Enderlein, 1922), all from KwaZulu-­Natal, and Mimegralla fuelleborni (Enderlein, 1922) from Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape. A sixth species, Aristobatina principalis (Frey, 1929), currently recorded from Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, may also occur in Northern Province, and is provisionally included in an illustrated key to the South African species of Micropezidae. Each species is diagnosed, and the male terminalia and sternite 5 are illustrated where pertinent. Micropeza corrigiolata, a holarctic species and presumed introduction from Europe, is newly recorded from the Afrotropical Region; this is also the first record of Micropeza Meigen, 1803 and the Micropezinae in the Afrotropics. The endemic south-east African genus Aristobatina Verbeke, 1951, is briefly reviewed, and a key to the two species provided. Cephalosphen conifrons is redescriptionbed and sexual dimorphism of the wing apex is noted; this silvicolous species is commonly collected from trunks of Albizia adianthifolia in coastal KwaZulu-Natal. Behavioural observations of three species are recorded, particularly the ichneumonid-like posturing and movement of the pale fore tarsi in the species of Mimegralla Rondani, 1850. Paired, convex structures are strikingly present in the pleural membrane below abdominal tergite 2 in both Mimegralla species; this structure is illustrated and its possible glandular function discussed. Lectotypes are designated for the following nominal species: Tanypoda rufithorax Enderlein, 1922 (a Tanzanian species of Aristobatina), Taeniaptera conifrons Bigot, 1886, Tanypoda fuelleborni Enderlein, 1922, and Hybobata tessmanni Enderlein, 1922.

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