oa Annals of the Natal Museum - Three new species of Vermipardus Stuckenberg, and a revised cladogram for the genus with novel biogeographical implications (Diptera: Vermileonidae)

Volume 38, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0304-0798



Three new species of Vermipardus Stuckenberg 1960, are descriptionbed: V. barracloughi, trisignatus, and whiteheadi. V. barracloughi is the first species to be found on the Drakensberg Escarpment in Mpumalanga Province; trisignatus and whiteheadi occur respectively in Afromontane forest and coastal scrubland in the South-West Cape. These three species clarify relationships and enable a new cladistic analysis of Vermipardus to be made. The previously defined promontorii species-group erected for two Cape Peninsula species is shown to be composite; V. promontorii (Stuckenberg) and barracloughi prove to be sister-species constituting a clade at subgeneric level, while V. brincki (Stuckenberg) is associated with trisignatus and whiteheadi in the newly-recognised brincki subgroup. Spermathecal structure in Vermipardus is descriptionbed for the first time; two forms are found, corresponding to two basal clades. A revised cladogram is proposed, and sets of defining characters are given for all clades. The incidence of melanism in flies of this genus in the South-West Cape is discussed briefly.

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