oa Article 19 - Baba : Men and Fatherhood in South Africa, Linda Richter & Robert Morell (eds.) - notice board

Volume 1 Number 3
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In Baba: Men and Fatherhood in South Africa authors examine certain conceptual and theoretical questions regarding fatherhood and attempt to map this field. In the second section of the book, fathers and fatherhood are examined from a historical perspective, showing how race and class have shaped fatherhood in South Africa, and how understandings of fatherhood have changed over time. In the third section, authors discuss the way in which fathers appear in the media, how men as fathers are often ignored or portrayed in narrow ways which inhibit alternative forms of fatherhood emerging. In the fourth section, authors offer answers to how men experience fatherhood and what obstacles bar them from expanding their engagement with children. Finally, the book offers examples of local and international programmes that have been initiated to promote fatherhood and to work with fathers.

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