oa Article 40 - The reform of reform schools : an interview with Minister Helen Zille

Volume 2 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1562-4382



In vol 1 no 3 we reported on two cases in Gauteng where children who had been sentenced to reform school were in fact languishing in prison. The Western cape (where many reform schools are situated) had refused to accept them, and the Gauteng education Department had declined to pay a subsidy to the Western Cape Department of Education for their accommodation. On 13 January 2000, Judge Horn in the Eastern Cape Provincial Division remitted 9 such cases of children detained in prison pending transfer to a reform school. Calling the situation of their continued incarceration ""wholly unacceptable"", the matters were returned to the lower courts for resentencing, ARTICLE 40 knocked on the door of the provincial Minister of Education in the Western Cape for some answers..

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